Return and Refund Policy

Coral Port LLC accepts no returns after the agreement is done. The transaction between the buyer and Coral Port LLC is final.

If there is misinformation during the sale process, Coral Port LLC must be informed within 5 business days after receiving the order.

20% restocking fee + $75 cancellation fee will be applied for return requests made after the sale is made and the payment is collected. This option is valid for cancellations before the product is shipped from the warehouse.

Coral Port LLC does not accept returns if the product has reached Amazon Warehouses.

We don’t take responsibility for any item that is restricted to sell on Amazon or restricted to send to FBA. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure before buying that he/she is eligible to sell this item on Amazon or any other marketplaces. This includes but is not limited to brands, categories, PPE, hazmat, IP, pesticide, limited storage space, policies, etc.

Coral Port LLC is not responsible for checking the SKUs and the ASINs on the PO kindly check your POs otherwise our return policy will be applied.

We don’t take responsibility for any item that’s been waiting for over 30 days at our warehouses. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check their account status such as inventory limits, hazmats, ungates etc. If Coral Port LLC does not receive any box labels (Must be Amazon FBA box labels) items will be disposed of without any refund.